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TendR Yat

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27 Şubat 2024 - 12:55

TendR Yat

TendR is a brand that offers a new experience in yachting. TendR, which is of Dutch origin, offers products for Turkish sailors. TendR, which has proven itself in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, with its production experience and quality of more than 20 years, is offered to Turkish sea lovers with various products such as yachts and pleasure boats.

TendR Yachting aims to meet all the needs of the end user with its personalized design by adopting the concept of high quality and safety. With their haute couture service approach, they express their confidence that they will produce exactly the boat that customers want. Ensuring you have safe and enjoyable times with your family and loved ones is one of TendR’s most important missions.

TendR aims to offer world-class quality to Turkish sailors in the most economical way. TendR supports its customers with customizable products and aims to meet in blue freedoms.

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